Brand identity, landing page design and UX for a

horizontal AI automation platform

Guru is an AI tool for automating workflows.

They offer an API, pre-made templates, and a developer playground web app. We initially partnered with them on UX/UI design for a mobile app for one of their first use cases: form feedback for sports and fitness. We continued to collaborate with the Guru team as they explored other use cases. 

Services completed

Brand design

Landing page design

Webflow development

Web app UX

Mobile app UX

Pitch deck design

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About the project

When it came time to design their landing page, we knew we needed to speak to the huge possibilities of Guru’s technology to avoid pigeonholing it as fitness technology; we did so by showing the tech in action across a variety of user videos. Interestingly, customer feedback on these non-professional, clearly-recorded-on-a-phone videos was very positive: customers perceived these videos as “real”, authentic demonstrations of the product in action.

For Guru’s brand identity, we defined a darkmode landing page inspired by code editors, to resonate with Guru’s programmer user base. Meanwhile, for Guru’s developer playground web app, we stuck with a simpler lightmode look and feel to reserve center stage for the platform’s outputs.