Upgraded branding and product design for a cold email outreach company

cold email outreach company

Fuel2Fly is a South Africa-based platform for cold email outreach.

They provide copywriting and cold email outreach services as well as a product for users to log in and view analytics on the performance of their email sequences and campaigns. We collaborated with Fuel2Fly to develop their product interface, an AI email sequence copy generator tool, and additional materials such as sales deck templates and bi-weekly report email templates. Ultimately, our collaboration aimed to help Fuel2Fly move towards their goal of offering a more self-service experience for their customers.

Services completed

Brand glow-up

Web app UX

Marketing design

“Working with K&D has been a game-changer for FueltoFly."

Their expertise in UI design and deck creation has not only enhanced our product’s look and feel but also our overall brand presentation.

Beyond their impressive design skills, it’s their team’s kindness and professionalism that truly stand out. They’ve been more than service providers, they’ve been partners who genuinely care about our success. Every consultation and interaction has been marked by high-quality service and a deep commitment to bringing our vision to life. Really grateful to work have worked with and to continue working with them.”

Daniel Greaves, CEO

About the project

While Fuel2Fly had already established some groundwork for their branding, including general colors, font selection, and a space-themed aesthetic, we expanded this into a more comprehensive brand kit and style guide. We also created a UI kit for them and used it to design the products we partnered with them to create, ultimately enhancing the visual design of their brand.

Our work resulted in a brand that felt elevated, polished, and professional while still maintaining the space-themed vibe they were aiming for. Throughout the process, we collaborated with various stakeholders across different Fuel2Fly teams, including product and software engineers, as well as the sales team to create sales collateral.